In commemoration of the current resurgence of one of our favorite assets, please see the links below which are a couple of short, sweet, and concise notes our founder and CIO penned back in 2014–2015

Should you invest in Bitcoin (from May, 2014)

Bitcoin Economics [for the layman] (from Feb…

Published October 1st, 2020

  • Equity markets have bounced back with tremendous force since the March lows, catching many managers off guard
  • The USD continues to fall against other currencies — international equities and real assets have historically outperformed during times of USD depreciation
  • As we prepare for a climactic and volatile close to a wild year, can the fed come to the rescue again?
  • We have a new frontier market international equity pick we have deemed “election proof”
  • Gold appears to have begun its latest mega cycle, we are assigning a long term price target of $4000/oz
  • Crypto is back in the news, due to a wave of “Defi” products and applications, along with record usage of the Ethereum protocol

Please see the full report in the attachment below (sometimes it takes a few moments to load)

Published to newsletter subscribers on March 20th, 2020


Markets have sold off at a large scale on the back of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many of us were able to see this coming months in advance, noticing how the events in Wuhan would inevitably spread across the globe. Fortunately, we fell…

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are excited to report “top of class” Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund results for 1H 2019.

Our view of global multi-asset markets proved to be prescient through the first half of the year and we successfully capitalized on the theses discussed in Q1 2019 (Blog, Newsletter). …


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